Doug Brown

VP Business Development Executive

I have always enjoyed learning new ideas and ways to improve myself. But, in my experience, most self-help books and programs have left me with an “incomplete” feeling. I found I had a lack of “follow through” with these programs. After some reflection, I believe my experience is a direct result of not being held accountable to the teachings and methods that I read. To experience life altering change, study and application of personal development are essential. And when I finally realized this, I knew I didn’t know how to make the changes I wanted to make.

Then I talked to Brian Matsen. He had the ability to vocalize everything I had experienced and was feeling regarding my life and personal development. After engaging with him, I realized I found a solution to help me with accountability and application. I recognized Brian knew how to help me make the changes that I wanted to make. In my opinion, in order to fully unlock my full potential and to become a goal achiever, I needed the help of a mentor to guide me on a path of success. Brian is that mentor.

With Brian’s mentorship and guidance, I have been able to unlock skills and abilities I never thought I had. He has shown me how anything I desire is within reach. It is amazing how fast I started noticing changes in my results. Brian not only holds you accountable but teaches you how to hold yourself accountable. The principles taught in Thinking Into Results are just as much a part of my belief system as the morals and values I learned from my parents. The lessons he teaches have helped me become even more successful. Every day I get closer to achieving bigger and better goals. Brian’s guidance is invaluable. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend working with him.

Jason Chura CFP® ChFC® MBA

Sr. Regional Director, Voya Investment Management

Brian was instrumental in opening my eyes to a new way of living. I started working with him to help me increase my business, which it did far more than expected. But even more importantly, he helped make my life more enjoyable. Changing my paradigm to a more happy and focused baseline has proven to be a life changer. My business has vastly improved so has my personal and family life. Thank you, Brian, for changing my paradigm!!

Jim Sanseverino

Owner / President, Creating Environments

Brian intrigued me one evening as he explained he was going to leave his very successful career to pursue another passion: to help others grow and find their true potential. As he explained The Thinking into Results program I became even more interested. Knowing Brian personally as an honest and trustworthy man I knew this was the real deal. I decided to challenge myself to be a better businessman, husband and father and signed up for the program. The change has been incredible. I’ve learned more about myself and worked to change the parts that are not serving me well. Brian has helped all along the way with the lessons and meetings to keep me focused on my goals. His example and genuine approach make sense of the work. His ability to inspire has helped me greatly. My business has expanded, my relationships are improved and my frequency is at a higher level. I believe in this program and will be continuing on to the next levels.

Marcie Harris

Organized Gains, Books for the Real Estate Investor

I have been working with Brian Matsen for the past 6 months. I met Brian at a very pivotal time for my business. I listened to his presentation and so much of what he said were issues I was dealing with, but had no idea how to handle. In the very first lesson, my mind was opened to new opportunities and potential in myself. He has guided me through making real changes in the way I think and react in my business and personal life. This training has put me on the path to the life I want. Brian's training was very useful and implemented in a way that really made changes in my thinking and perceptions. There is so much good information, I know I will be studying and implementing it for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to have found this material and to have Brian as a coach. There is no doubt that I will reach my goals and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Bryan Thacker

Vice President, Regional Sales Manager Wells Fargo

Brian and the lessons he shared brought me a new sense of clarity and understanding and helped me realize not only who I am but what I am capable of. As a result of his mentoring I have seen revenues literally double...and the best part is - I know I am capable of even higher production levels and can’t wait to see what the future holds and the results still to come.