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Doug Brown

Made $150,000 MORE in commissions year over year


Got a 20% raise in base salary


Has turned down several job offers

Started a side company for a passive income stream


In the process of buying his dream home


His kids are excelling in school with straight A’s

Lena Safi

Closed a $2.25M deal after working on it for over two years


Personal and work relationships improved by changing one habit -

respond vs. react


Inspired to pursue her MBA which she resisted for years


Won President’s Club for being the #4 sales rep (out of 63!)


Currently #1 sales rep this year


Thought she’d never run again, now on her 4th half marathon


Paid off her house and began planning to move to her dream location and home


Booked a trip to spend Christmas and

New Years in Europe (lifelong desire)

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