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Pursuit of Success Membership

My Monthly Membership

A place to increase your sales and surge your growth

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Are you looking to double, or triple your current monthly sales?

Experience more growth then you could imagine, and continue to build upon that? 

I've been where you are before. 


I started my career working for some of the largest financial companies doubling and tripling their sales.  Climbing the corporate ladder and helping my team do the same thing day in and day out.  Along with all that financial growth came personal development. I learned quickly to achieve goals as large as  I was setting there was mindset worth, and work within that needed to be done.  As you set these goals, work on the strategy that needs to be done to reach that physical number you also need to train your mind.  You need to condition it to work side by side with you. 

As I did this work and developed the strategy needed I decided that other business owners could benefit from this.   That each month they could build upon the goals reached and soar to new heights. 


Introducing Pursuit Of Success

Monthly Membership

- Unlock monthly Q+A Calls with Brian

- 3 goal-specific trainings to build upon​ your success and strategy monthly 

- Access to a members-only group 

- Engage, interact and build connections with other members 

- Exclusive offers and membership benefits

- Success framework and strategy you won't find elsewhere

Develop a purpose for your goals.

Build upon that purpose monthly.

See growth in your sales, revenue, and mind with a proven strategy behind it.

Why This Membership Is Different:

*As we grow and build upon your goals and strategy, you have the ability to go back to previous monthly class and workshops to keep building upon your success and goals

*With access to the online you group you can build connections and network with other members who are striving to increase their sales and business.

*Live Q+A calls gives you direct access to Brian and get advice and his perspective on how to take your sales and mind to the next level. Brian has proven results of success with his own journey and achievements. But also with his other clients that have built dream lives and multiple figure businesses.

*Not only will you have the strategy and tools to go and achieve your dreams you will be held accountable along the way which will help keep you scale and achieve ultimate success

*You'll find tons of resources and tips that you can apply to all areas of your life, not just your business


See what others accomplished

Doug Brown

Made $150,000 MORE in commissions year over year


Got a 20% raise in base salary


Has turned down several job offers

Started a side company for a passive income stream


In the process of buying his dream home


His kids are excelling in school with straight A’s

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 4.02.38 PM.png

Lena Safi

Closed a $2.25M deal after working on it for over two years


Personal and work relationships improved by changing one habit -

respond vs. react


Inspired to pursue her MBA which she resisted for years


Won President’s Club for being the #4 sales rep (out of 63!)


Currently #1 sales rep this year


Thought she’d never run again, now on her 4th half marathon


Paid off her house and began planning to move to her dream location and home


Booked a trip to spend Christmas and

New Years in Europe (lifelong desire)

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 4.02.28 PM.png

Proven Strategy & Goal Setting

When we set a goal without a strategy, we have stopped the chance of succeeding before we even begin. 

This memberships aims to teach you the pillars of success and strategy you need.  Each month we will touch on how you can increase your sales and revenue.  How to scale your growth using your mind which most don't realize is the most important tool to success when used properly. 












When you use the mind to it's full advantage the possibilities are endless.  That is when the goals the strategy merges together everything becomes attainable and clear.


Add in the right course material you need to see each month and you're on your way to a winning team.  Once you add in the monthly Q+A calls where you can be heard and your questions can be answered you've just perfected the team you need to win.


About Brian:

Hi, I’m Brian, an online mentor & coach, a family man, and community leader.


Throughout my career, I truly learned the power of the mind, and how to harness this for top levels of achievement. I learned how to work smarter, not harder.


Through a very strategic set of mindset principles, I was able to build a successful career and a personal life I’m proud of.

After 20 years of working with top financial companies in North America, I decided to start my own coaching practice so I could teach others this blueprint that has served me well. 

These mindset tools have changed my life, they have made me a better husband, father, and community leader. 

I have made it a mission is to take you from where dreams and goals are no longer just things in their imagination but, a place where they are your everyday reality. 

You deserve all that you want in this life and more. It’s time you claimed that.

Ready to get started?

Join my membership here


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