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What We Can Learn From Top Athlete Performance

I have had the opportunity to be around sports my entire life as a fan, player, and coach.

I have found the one thing that separates top athletes from the rest, is without a doubt — mindset. They exercise mental discipline and therefore realize more of their potential.


Top performers have learned to train their mind like they train their body. The ability to control the mind is, in the end, what separates the best from the rest.

Do you want to be a top performer in your field? Start by taking a page from the playbook of the best athletes in the world.


1. Visualization

These athletes have pictured themselves accomplishing incredible feats. They have lived their dreams with the aid of their imagination often long before it happens in the physical world. You can do the same. Start with a clear picture of what you want in your mind. Get emotionally involved with it until it becomes a burning desire. Hold onto that mental image and it will help you through tough times.

2. Master Your Craft

Many will say it’s just that these athletes are more talented than the rest. While natural talent certainly plays a role, they have put in more time and effort to master their sport than anyone else. You have natural talents and abilities as well. Are you putting in the time and effort to develop them and master your craft? What are you doing daily to become better? Are you willing to pay the price? If not, you don’t deserve the reward.

3. Partner with a Coach

Elite athletes don’t get to the top by themselves. They have had coaches all along the way to help them get there. These coaches push them to achieve bigger and better goals and to hold them accountable. They also provide instruction, guidance, and support. This same partnership is available to you. Who is your coach? It’s the difference between becoming a top performer or not.


As you watch top athletes perform, know the same results are available to you. Follow their example and be the best version of yourself!

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