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VIP Coaching With Brain Matsen


Are you ready to scale your business from your current position to more? To spot where you are achieving goals in both your business and life? 

This program is designed to do just that. Take you from where you are currently to where you want to be.
I was able to build a successful career and achieve tremendous goals.

 I am now at a point where I want to help other business professionals do the same thing and achieve even more success and scale their business to new heights. 

I Want That Success For You

I've worked through the blueprint, the strategy, and the understanding of what tools you need.  To be in a position where you achieve the most success and reach your goals. 

Often times as we are setting our goals and working towards the levels of success we want to achieve. But we get so caught up in the numbers and calculations that we forget the essentials we need.  We start working harder to achieve those goals when in reality we need to just be working smarter. Harnessing the right tools and mindset to scale our businesses.

When we don't utilize these specific tools and strategies we are limiting ourselves from what we can achieve.  My VIP coaching program Scale Your Success is designed to do just that.

Take you to spot where you are working smarter to achieve your goals and using every tool in your back pocket to acheive the most success.

Are you ready to start making a change?

Introducing My Signature VIP Program

*learn how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be* 

- learn the power of the mind to continue to achieve your goals with my powerful transformation strategies 

- get the exact blueprint that has helped not just myself but so many in the same position as you achieve the success they've dreamed of in both their professional careers and personal lives

- lifelong application: as you achieve your goals we keep working together to build upon that success and reach levels that scale all areas of your life

Take your thinking and mindset to help you scale to even further levels of success and achievements 

See What Others Have To Say ...

Marcie Harris
Organized Gains, Books for the Real Estate Investor

I have been working with Brian Matsen for the past 6 months. I met Brian at a very pivotal time for my business. I listened to his presentation and so much of what he said were issues I was dealing with but had no idea how to handle. In the very first lesson, my mind was opened to new opportunities and potential in myself. He has guided me through making real changes in the way I think and react in my business and personal life. This training has put me on the path to the life I want. Brian's training was very useful and implemented in a way that really made changes in my thinking and perceptions. There is so much good information, I know I will be studying and implementing it for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to have found this material and to have Brian as a coach. There is no doubt that I will reach my goals and enjoy a more fulfilling life.


Brian was instrumental in opening my eyes to a new way of living. I started working with him to help me increase my business, which it did far more than expected. But even more important, he helped make my life more enjoyable. Changing my paradigm has proven to be a life changer. My business, personal and family life have vastly improved. Thank you, Brian!

Jason Chura
Sr. Regional Director, Voya Investment Management

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.02.21 AM.png

Details Of The Program:

*12 in-depth individual lessons, including video, audio & pdf content - each lesson building upon the insights of the previous one.

*Worksheets and activities - challenging you to apply what you learned

*Live coaching/consulting Sessions - 60/90 minutes each week to give you the support, encouragement, and answers.

*Community support to connect & network with other like minded individuals
 *Lifetime access to the material

*24 weeks of private support 


About Brian A Mentor With Proven Success:

Hi, I’m Brian, an online mentor & coach, a family man, and community leader.


Throughout my career, I truly learned the power of the mind, and how to harness this for top levels of achievement. I learned how to work smarter, not harder.


Through a very strategic set of mindset principles, I was able to build a successful career and a personal life I’m proud of.

I believe that when you learn this blueprint, you really can achieve any goal you set out for yourself.


After 20 years of working with top financial companies in North America, I decided to start my own coaching practice so I could teach others this blueprint that has served me well. 

These mindset tools have changed my life, they have made me a better husband, father, and community leader. 

You deserve all that you want in this life and more. It’s time you claimed that.

Ready to get started?

Join my VIP program here


Not sure if this is right for you?

If you are interested but need more information before you take the leap. Book a free strategy call with me today, I can help map out the right course of action for you.

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